Why did I start this wordpress site

Well it all started out as a bit of a joke, following a post on me+richardarmitage about RA’s new cyber-bullying role.  As I started plotting the idea to send to Serv I just thought this is the kind of place I need. I find it impossible to say no to anyone (apart from my mother-in-law, but that is another post).

A good friend once said to me your new year’s resolution should be to say no, that was 10 years ago and I still haven’t managed to get past the 2nd of January.

For example today we had a lovely get together of friends to celebrate the opening of one family’s new swimming pool.  There were 25 of us, with a mix of ages from 4 to 75.  I had texted to ask what I could bring foodwise, green salad came the reply, so there I am in the supermarket when I text again saying strawberries on offer so shall I make meringues, “ooo yes please” so there I am at midnight waiting for my second batch to come out the oven.  Now everyone loved them but did I really need to do that and then spend my morning chopping up six punnets of strawberries, making two massive bowls of salad?

So, what are your examples of not being able to say no?  It will be interesting to see where people come from, I think it is a particularly British trait to apologise all the time, lets see!



First Post

Well here we go, if you feel that this is you please feel free to leave your stories of either when you have not managed to say no and ended up in a pickle or when you were brave and said NO and the repercussions.